Survey Flights

Before you complete your dream – learn how to fly – You can try yourself in the flight, to get to know how everything works, how the plane flies…

We are offering for you a flight with the instructor

Short instruction before the flight, to get familiar with the plane and the route;

The ability to learn the basics of controlling the aircraft during taking-off, landing and flying;

A chance to feel the freedom of flight and to admire our beautiful landscapes from the air;

De-briefing after the flight, answering all the questions.

* Flights are organized from Paluknis airdrome (35 km on the road to Druskininkai) and the route is over Trakai, Aukštadvaris and many others landscapes.

A flight can be booked or bought as a gift in advance by calling the listed numbers or e-mail:

Contact phones:

8 616 70324

8 687 22725

1 hour

30 minutes

140.00 Eur

80.00 Eur