English language for aviators (AirSpeak)

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Englishlanguage courses specifically conducted for aviators (AIRSPEAK). This program has been developed in accordance with PART-FCL recommendations, the republic of Lithuanian aviation and airspace laws, and Radio communication manual. The program is designed for pilots – who have the basics of English language and want to get a permission to maintain radio communication in English.

Applicant'sEnglish language proficiency level is set by lecturer during individual interview. Hours of training program may be modified at the discretion of the lecturer, depending on the applicant's English language proficiency knowledge.


While demonstratingtheir knowledge of English applicants must:

a)      During flightmode:

- Maintain radio communication in all phases of flight, including emergency situations.

b)      While usingall the information needed to make the flight:

- Read andunderstand technical manuals, aircraft flight operation manuals and other instructions texts;

- Duringpre-flight briefing to analyze the meteorological, NOTAM and other information;

- Understand theaeronautical information and routes, departure and approach charts.